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Hello, and welcome to my page dedicated to Herge's Tintin. This comic book centers around a teenage reporter, Tintin, and his faithful canine companion Snowy. Most of his adventures are due to the notorious criminal Rastapopoulos and his vile henchmen. Rastapopoulos always seems to escape Tintin's grasp, but that's okay, because that gives us more and more exciting Tintin comics to read. Here are some of the characters:

Visit this page for all you need to know About Herge, the creator of Tintin.

Tintin's good friend Captain Haddock is always there when Tintin needs him, but is often very reluctant and disgruntled. He hs a very short fuse, and comes up with very interesting curses. This link has every single one of Captain Haddock's curses (and his forefathers). Here he is in one of his regular rampages:

The twin Thompson and Tompson are always on Tintin's case, because they seem to think Tintin is the one behind whatever mess the detectives are investigating. No matter how hard they try, Thompson and Thomson can never catch Tintin.

Here is Madame C, the fat opera singer who never ceases to get on Captain Haddock's nerves.

And for all the others that I have left off, they are right here (well, the good guys anyway):

This is too crazy for me, I'm heading home!

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