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Welcome to my Jetsons page!

This is the infamous Jetson family: George, Jane, Judy , Elroy, Astro and Rosie Jetson. Oh, and I nearly forgot. The lovable cuddly creature you've always wanted is named Orbity. Here's a great pic:

The Jetson's are what you might call the perfect family. With a teenage beauty queen and a great little boy you can't go wrong. Jane Jetson has obviously not heard of womens rights, because George doesn't really lift a finger around the house ever (I guess this is not so perfect). The future may not have brought along womens rights, but it sure did bring along the greatest houses I've ever seen. They make sure they're always in sunny weather by rising above the clouds. I think these would come in handy in Vancouver! Well, enough blab, click here to see some pics of the Jetson family.

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