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Welcome to Thunderlizard's Page, for all your comic relief! This page is under construction, so come back soon, and come back often!!

Hello, I'm Thunderlizard and this was my page. If any of the information on my page is incorrect, please mail me or sign my guestbook. You might notice page-hit counters on a lot of my pages. This is for my own reference to tell me which of my pages are in damand, and which are not. Thank you, and enjoy your stay.

While you're here, you have to visit my Calvin and Hobbes page. Hey, there's not much else going on here.....
If you like Calvin and Hobbes, visit my Comic of the Day Page. I'll do my best to update it everyday.
My Flintstones page is coming along.
Try my Jetsons page!
Why not take a look at my Tintin page?
Also, take a look at my links page.
New links added 02/18/98

*Sorry about the loading time of some of my pages, but I'm working on it!* Oh, I finally updated some of my pages, so take a peek.

Any comments or suggestions? E-mail me. Complaints? Mail here.

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