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This is my Calvin and Hobbes page. We all like Calvin and Hobbes for his intellect, imagination and mischevious a doin's. This page is just sort of a photo gallery of Calvin and Hobbes in action and a few of his funny comics. Enjoy.
You all know who Hobbes is, so I won't have to explain much. Hobbes is Calvins stuffed tiger that only Calvin can see and hear. Hobbes never ceases to come up with witty remarks about Calvin and what he does. Calvin and Hobbes have their differences, and they frequently get into little tussles, often when Calvin gets home from school. Aside this, they are best of friends. And, Hobbes is Calvin's only known friend. Susie doesn't count because she's the reason Calvin started G.R.O.S.S..... Anyway, here's some pics of Hobbes.

A must see Calvin and Hobbes animation page of mine.
To see a few pics of Calvin by himself, click here
A few pics of Hobbes by his lonesome.
More pics of Calvin and Hobbes.

Take a look at my Comic of the Day Page. It'll most likely include Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Calvin and Hobbes Free-4-All Ring

The official Calvin and Hobbes website.

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